Shenzhen Uriel technology Co.,Ltd, located in the Fu’an Robotics Industrial Park--National key development of the strategic test garden, is a high-tech enterprise which focus on high-end LED display production and providing various solutions. Uriel Technology always upholds the Artisan Spirit of Chinese LED Display industry, pursuing perfection in every procedure, all outputs are selected from superior material, strict control of supply chain management, outstanding and unique workmanship helps us win widely acknowledgment in Japanese market, and maintain continuous and stable growing trending. Through the strong base in Japanese market, we’re promoting the business development process in America, Europe, Asia, Africa, more than 120 countries and regions.

We are the pioneer of the LED display, a world leading LED display manufacturers, having a number of highly qualified technical personnel and management staffs.With advanced production, inspection and testing equipment, facilities,Uriel has a complete system of production and development with independent intellectual property rights. Through Uriel staffs’ long-term continuous efforts and exploration of LED display manufacturing process, technical problems,etc., have accumulated abundant experience, we are constantly developing the best quality products.

With the development of economy, the application of the LED display is becoming more and more popular such as global stage rental, advertising media, including municipal engineering, halls, railway stations, shopping center, theaters, large conference room, advertising, entertainment, hotels, Banks, etc. Uriel not only provides the best quality products for our customers, but also provides the best service according to the actual needs of our customers.

Following strategy of rejuvenating science and technology, Uriel Technology regards integrity, responsibility, sharing, and thanksgiving as core values, all families work hard to promote “The Creation of Wisdom in China”to a higher level. Providing first-class quality products and service is our only aim.


First-class after-sales service, service and meticulous.

First-class after-sales service, service and meticulous.

Uriel technology has established a complete customer service system and has a strong, well-trained and technical service team responsible for the entire sales service.
Strong technical strength, professional focus

Strong technical strength, professional focus

The company has advanced production equipment and strong technical strength, which provides a strong guarantee for the development and growth of the company.
Qualified certification authority the product trustworthy

Strict quality control,Top technical performance

Haibo benefactor as the quality of life, long-term adherence to the "standardization, refinement, full, long-term" quality management philosophy. To "do not accept bad products, do not create bad products, do not flow out of bad products" implemented, never let the defective products factory, it has also been widely recognized by the Japanese market.
Uriel Team

Uriel Team

Hyper technology has an elite team that is skilled, innovative, innovative, and strong in execution, and is pushing the company forward.


Business philosophy

Integrate resources and share the economy

Business objectives

To be first class enterprises in led screen industry

Business mission

Bring happiness to employees and create benefits for our customers

Core culture

With the copartner's mentality, create life wealth and happiness

The self - cultivation road

Life is the work of the heart, happiness is pursued by self Learn from the wisdom of the sages, pave the way to success

Uriel Family

We go all the way to the common ideal!


Family style


Family style


Family style


Family style


Family style


Family style


Family style



In March 2017, the company expanded capital investment and began to explore the European and American markets.
In March 2017, the company began to D&R a series of new products, and product certification is on the way.


In May 2016, Shenzhen Uriel technology co., LTD was established in Shenzhen, which continued the staff and system of Dalian colorful international trade co., LTD.

In August 2016, the company further expanded its existing Japanese market share and opened several sub-market segments of Japan, gaining consensus among Japanese customers and steadily increasing sales. 

2010 In March 2010, in order  to provide customers the best products , Dalian colorful international trade Co., LTD. established its own production base in Dalian and built a whole set of perfect quality assurance and quality control system.

In March 2008, Dalian colorful international trade Co., LTD was established in Dalian;

mainly doing trade business in Japan market.

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